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The diXa project and the consortium partners are active in many areas related to both diXa and their respective wider scientific activities.

This page holds many of the new items released from the project as part of the general dissemination and training programme. In addition to finding diXa news here, you can subscribe to the site RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button above, or follow us on Twitter or join the project's LinkedIn group.

Genedata Academy - Understanding 'omics data

Registration is now open for Genedata Academy - Understanding 'omics data course, 19-21 November 2013 in Basel, Switzerland
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diXa Research Article

"Assessing compound carcinogenicity in vitro using connectivity mapping" published in Carcinogenesis by Caiment et al., 2013 (Epub ahead of print)
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Chemical and Biological resources for Toxicology and Toxicogenomics

Registration is now open for the diXa course "Chemical and Biological resources for Toxicology and Toxicogenomics" 3-5 September 2013, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK
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Workshop summary "Moving Forward in Human Cancer Risk Assessment in the Genomics Era 2.0" available online

16-17 May 2013 - OECD Congress Center, Paris, France. This workshop reviewed progress in human carcinogenesis safety evaluation strategies and cancer risk assessment.
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Extended pre-registration deadline for the diXa course “Small molecules, gene products and their interaction”

The pre-registration deadline for the “Small molecules, gene products and their interaction - EBI Roadshow, Pathway-Network course and diXa Training Course ”, 1-5 July 2013, Maastricht has been extended till the 27th June 2013.
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