The Data Infrastructure for Chemical Safety (diXa) project is funded by EU FP7 to provide a single resource for the capture of data produced by toxicogenomics studies, and to ensure sustainability of such a resource for use by the wider research community.

Such efforts are necessary, and timely, as demands for chemical safety are ongoing yet expectations are shifting away from traditional in vivo testing strategies towards increasingly computational methods. In the EU in particular, animal-based test models need to be replaced - preferably by robust, non-animal assays which better predict human toxicity , are less costly, and are socially more acceptable.

Such a transition requires large and well curated experimental datasets from which robust computational models can be built – and this is the purpose of the diXa data warehouse. read more >

Enter the diXa Warehouse

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JRC portal gives quick overview of where information is available about a chemical across public repositories
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Fast Lane to Chemical Information: JRC launches ChemAgora

People in need of a comprehensive overview of what information is available about a certain chemical often struggle with the heterogeneity of that information, scattered across numerous locations, in different formats and stored under often conflicting identifiers.
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Use Cases

Here you will find use cases which are developed by the diXa project.