Year 1

D1.1 diXa Kick-of meeting [pdf]
D1.2 diXa WP Planning and Contingency Reports - M2 [pdf]
D1.3 diXa Minutes of 1st Executive Board Meeting - M7 [pdf]
D1.4 diXa Minutes of 2nd Executive Board Meeting - M13 [pdf]
D2.1 diXa Report on status of the launch of the diXa website [pdf]
D3 1 diXa Report complete setup of database system - M3 [pdf]
D4.1 diXa Report on DB candidates to participate in the project to contribute data to the portal - M12 [pdf]
D4.2 diXa Requirements and Analysis Model for the portal - M12 [pdf]
D4.3 diXa Architecture for the Portal - M12 [pdf]
D5 1 diXa First inventory of repositories containing molecular data completed - M12 [pdf]
D5 2 diXa Approved process for quality assessment of the databases - M12 [pdf]
D6 1 diXa Report on guidelines for data processing M12 [pdf]
D7.1 diXa Development of Dissemination Plan M12 [pdf] 
D9.1 diXa Updates of the ConsensusPathDB web server - M12 [pdf] [website] [Europe PMC]
D9.1 Appendix1  [pdf]

Year 2

d1.4 dixa minutes of 2nd executive board meeting - m13.pdf [pdf]                                                              
d1.5 dixa 1ste annual progress and annual  financial report to ec.pdf [pdf]                                                  
d1.6 report on exploitation plan of ip - m18.pdf [pdf]                                                                       
d1.7 dixa minutes of 3rd executive board meeting - m19.pdf [pdf]
d1.8 diXa Minutes of 4th Eexcutive Board Meeting and 2nd Annual General Assembly- M25.pdf[pdf]   
d2.2 dixa report on the pilot training course(s) - m24.pdf[pdf]
d3.2 dixa online documentation for interface and api - m18.pdf [pdf]                                                          
d3.3 dixa initial datasets released compliant with data access obligations to the consortium members - m18.pdf [pdf]           
d4.4 dixa design model for the portal - m24 - final.pdf [pdf]                                                                
d5.3 dixa report common portal - m24.pdf [pdf]                                                                                
d6.2 dixa 1st report on data quality and initial statistical analyses per available data sets - m24.pdf [pdf]          
d7.2 dixa progress report for year 2 - m24.pdf [pdf]                                                                          
d8.2 dixa report and sop on multi-omics statistics, bayesian networks, multi-omics based classification - m24.pdf [pdf]       
d8.2 supplementary impala input output.xlsx [xlsx]                                                                             
d9.2 dixa initial sop for response modelling - m24.pdf [pdf]
d9.3 dixa meta-analysis - report - m24.pdf [pdf]

Year 3

d1.6 Report on exploitation plan of IP - M18 V2.pdf [pdf]
d1.8 dixa minutes of 4th eexcutive board meeting and 2nd annual general assembly- m25.pdf [pdf]
d1.10 diXa Minutes of 5th Executive Board Meeting - M31.pdf[pdf]
d2.3 dixa dixa’s dissemination and training sustainability plan - m36.pdf[pdf]
d3.4 diXa Full selected datasets released compliant with data access obligations - M36.pdf [pdf]
d4.5 dixa implemented portal application - m30.pdf [pdf]
d4.6 mapping_gap analysis between dixa portal application and oecd echemportal application - m30.pdf [pdf]
d4.7 populated portal - m36.pdf [pdf]
d6.3 dixa 2nd report on data quality and initial statistical analyses per available data sets - m36.pdf [pdf]
d7.3 diXa Progress Report for Year 3 and User Services Sustainability Plan - M36.pdf [pdf]
d8.3 diXa Report on commonalities and differences - M36.pdf [pdf]
d8.4 dixa report on performing actual data analysis on multi-omics data sets based on approaches developed - m36.pdf [pdf]
d9.4 dixa networks of hepatoxicity integrated into consensuspathdb - m36.pdf[pdf]
d9.5 dixa computational compound response model - m36.pdf [pdf]
d9.6 dixa predictive models of compound specific effects - m36.pdf [pdf]